TMTI is located 6 kilometer from the Bogra town on Dhaka-Rangpur Highway and in the Campus of TMSS Foundation office. This Institute is running with the available facilities for the students eg. Class-rooms, laboratories, library, conference room etc.  There are hostels for male students and female students. The Institute has requisite teachers and staffs. TMTI is a Private (Non-government) Institute. It has 22 regular teachers, 09 part time teachers, 372 students, 210 students enrolled in each year, ( 150 first year old students, 60 second year students, 04 lecture gallery, 150-200 student can take place, 01. Auditorium, 01 Conference room, 01 Teachers common room, 01 Principal/ Director room, 04 Examination Hall, 01 Developed library consisted 2000 books where 50 students can study at a time, we get 05 journals per year, the library open 10 hours per day, 500 books were issued in last year, 01 qualified librarian, 01 photocopier, 01 internet facilities with 24 hrs online service, 05 person can search at a time and total area of institute is 42000 Sq. Feet.

Recognition: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

Affiliation: Faculty of Bangladesh Medicine and Bangladesh Pharmacy Council

On going Courses:


Name of the course

Number of Approved seat

Duration of Course

Equivalent Degree


Diploma In Lab Technology


03 years

Under Graduate/Diploma


Diploma In Dental Technology


03 years

Under Graduate/Diploma


Diploma in Pharmacy


03 years

Under Graduate/Diploma


Diploma In Physiotherapy


03 years

Under Graduate/Diploma

Admission Procedures:

Admission policy: Admission to TMSS Medical Institute Technology (TMTI) for the three-year course like Diploma-in-Laboratory Technology as well as Diploma-in-Dental Technology, Diploma in Pharmacy and Diploma in Physiotherapy Course are open to all individual and meeting the selection criteria laid down in the concerned institute prospectus. The number of students admitted per session is 210 (Diploma-in-Laboratory Technology=100, Diploma-in-Dental Technology=30, Diploma in Pharmacy=40 and Diploma in Physiotherapy Course=40). Admission is completed on the basis of merit and following the same criteria as prescribed by the State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh and the approval authority.

Eligibility criteria: (a) The candidates must be a permanent citizen of Bangladesh. (b) Candidates who have passed SSC examination with Physics, Chemistry and Biology in any past three years during admission from any recognized education Board and obtained combined GPA of 2.50 for three-year course like Diploma-in-Laboratory Technology as well as Diploma-in-Dental Technology, Diploma in Pharmacy and Diploma in Physiotherapy Course are eligible for getting admission. (c) Candidates must be sound in both physically and mentally.

Admission process: The applications for admission to the specific course (i.e. three-year course like Diploma-in-Laboratory Technology as well as Diploma-in-Dental Technology, Diploma in Pharmacy and Diploma in Physiotherapy Course are invited through an advertisement published in the prominent Dailies. The circular is also hanged on the institutional notice board. All candidates applying for admission to the course against open merit seats and all other categories of seats are required to pass the Entry Test with a minimum score fixed by the authority (if needed). Application form, Prospectus and further information are available from the office of the Principal & from designated areas/centers of TMSS which are: Aajshahi- 01711876690, Dinajpur- 01711869826, Rangpur- 01713377075, Dhaka- 01714040888, Khulna- 0412830040, Divisional office and Noagoan- 074161370, Sirajgong- 075164258, Natore -01713377235, Pabna -01713377242, Joypurhat- 057162048, Rangpur- 01713377159, Gaibandha- 01713377163, Kurigram- 058161833, Dhaka- 01713377185. After collecting application form and other relevant documents, candidates should submit the duly filled application form with required documents at time. It is mentionable that a candidate for admission must submit an application in his own handwriting, in prescribed Application Form. This form, duly completed in all respect along with necessary documents, must be submitted to the office of the Principal before the last date. Incomplete, defective and late applications will not be considered and no correspondence in this matter will be entertained.

Certificates / following documents to be attached to Application Form (for Diploma Course):

a. Copy of SSC or equivalent certificates and academic transcripts (duly attested.);

b. Conduct certificate/Testimonial from the Head of the Institution.

c. Four Copies of attested passport size photographs and two copies of stamp size (Colored, front view);

d. Citizenship Certificate by Uninon Parishad/Municipality;

e. Declaration of financial solvency of parents/Guardian.

f. Certificate of extracurricular achievements if any.

Selection of candidates for Diploma Courses: The merit of the candidates is worked out as under (if necessary):

Final selection of candidates shall be on merit based on scores of

a)         Admission Test (MCO)                          : 100

b)         Viva Voce                                            :  25

Total                                                              :  125

Admission Test shall consists of an hour’s written Examination consisting of MCQS based on SSC level. The merit list of candidates will be prepared by the office of The Chairman, Admission Board.

Admission to the course: List of finally selected candidates will be notified in the institute Notice Board. Two types of list (merit list and waiting list) are notified.  Candidates finally selected shall have to be admitted by the announced date and time. Otherwise their selection may be cancelled and the place will be filled up from among the candidates in waiting list. 

Expense of the Course: Tuition and other fees payable at the time of admission will be notified in the institute notice board. All payments are to be made as per TMTI admission rule. Thus, the admission and Tuition fees are charged according to the policy of Board of directors of TMTI. It also varies from one year to another year depending on Board/Policy meeting.

Conduct and discipline: During their stay at the institute all students are required to abide by all the rules and regulations of the institute. Non-adherence to these rules and regulations marks the students liable to disciplinary action, which may range from warning to expulsion from the institute. Students in TMTI are forbidden to organize any union, association or society other than those set up by the institute authority in order to enrich their physical, intellectual and ethical development.

Bonds from candidate and their guardians: The candidates and their parents or guardians are required to sign bonds on non-judicial stamp regarding the terms and conditions of study, conduct and discipline before admission to the institute. Admission formalities will be in completed without submission of the bond.

Student bond

I hereby declare that as a student of TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI), Bogra I must follow the terms and conditions as follows:

01. I shall abide by all the rules and regulations of TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI).

02. I will refrain from any activities that my tarnish the image and credibility at TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI), Bogra.

03. I shall not behave individually or collectively in any manner unbecoming of a student or resort to any action prejudicial to the interest of the institute.

04. I fully comprehended in sound mind. I am liable to be punished which may go up to expulsion from school for any misconduct as understood by the institute authorities.

05. I will not claim any money paid to the TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI) authority if my admission is cancelled by myself or by TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI) authority.


Signature of the student                                       Signature of the Guardian




Regulation for Library use

TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI) has a separate rich library with necessary books, journals, articles, periodicals, papers, etc. All books, bags etc. of the students must be kept in the specified cubicles provided by the college. Students are responsible for the care of these articles. Students must carry their identity cards and membership cards for Library use. Every student is expected to maintain calm and quiet during library use so that other students feel free to smoothly study.

Library hours

Library remains open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. At present students shall not be allowed to borrow more than two books from the library but they can study in the library by picking any book from the book shelf. After completion of reading, the students will leave the book on the table for the librarian or his staff to collect the book and to put it in its proper place.

Student Guidance/Counseling

All students are followed by teachers and other concerned people. They help and guide students in academic matters like studies, examination, attendance and conduct. Students are advised to meet their guide teacher or whenever asked by the guide teacher. Private tuition by faculty members is not allowed here.

Institutional Discipline

All students must observe strict discipline in the Institute. On disciplinary grounds the following penalties may be imposed on a student, depending on the nature of offence:

  • Warning
  • Fines
  • Defer from appearing examinations.
  • Expulsion from the school, temporarily or permanent.
  • Any other punishment suggested by Academic/Disciplinary council is followed. 

Instructions for the students:

  • All students are expected to be residents of students hostels-male or female where seats are available and 4 (four) persons shall share a single room. They shall arrange their own cot, study table, bookshelf as per specifications available in the Office of the hostel Superintendent/warden but all these elements will be supplied by the school. No musical instruments, heater, TV, refrigerator or any cooking device including stove are allowed in the student’s room.
  • Students are to carry their identity card while inside the school and Hospital.
  • Students are advised to attend classes wearing prescribed dress assigned by the school.
  • No students without wearing prescribed dress are allowed to attend at the classes or in the institute & hospital campus.
  • Rings, bangles are impediment in the practical classes and are therefore not allowed.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in the hostels, institute and hospital campus.
  • Environment should be kept clean and therefore, students are advised to throw litters into the waste bins.
  • Pasting of posters and writing of the school and hospital premises are prohibited. Those are considered as act of indiscipline and offends involved are liable to punishment.
  • Closing of institute, hospital and department gates or doors and creating obstacles in the normal functioning are act gross indiscipline and students involved in such acts are liable to expelled from the school.
  • All types of demonstrations, processions, shouting in the institute and hospitals premises are prohibited and students involved in those activities are liable to be expelled from the institute.
  • Absent from classes, individuals or in a mass without prior information and without valid reason are punishable by imposition of daily fine of Tk. 10/= individually and latter on guardians will be informed of such acts of their wards.
  • Students will state their problems/grievances/inconveniences to their Guide Teacher (list of the teachers who will act as students guide are notified separately). The guide will solve the problems of the students himself/herself or refer them to the Principal or a special committee formed especially for the purpose. Statement of the grievances/problems/inconveniences by the students must be in an orderly and disciplined manner. Any act or indiscipline on the part of any student including usage of abusive words or objectionable words and sentences will make the student liable to be punished by expulsion from the institute.
  • Students must not misbehave with the staffs or employees of the institute & hospital. Misbehavior is an act of indiscipline and liable for punishment.
  • The students are expected to maintain the highest standard in their academic and private lives. Loss of moral and spiritual values or addiction to alcohol and narcotic drugs are punishable.
  • At the time of admission into the institute, students and parents/guardians will have to sign a bond that their children/ward will abide by the rules and regulations of the institute.
  • Every student shall provide for himself/herself all the prescribed text books, dissecting instruments and medical equipments. The institute will not supply these to the student.
  • Leave: In case of Wellness or other unavoidable reasons of not attendance a writing statement from the parents/guardian should be presented to the principal who will approve.
  • Cost of loss/damage to institute/hospital properly is liable to be realized from the students who are found responsible for the loss/damage of institute/hospital property.
  • Political activities are not permitted in the institute at all.
  • Students need to take out-pass before leaving the campus during vacation and for matters that would take them to outside institute compound.
  • The legal guardians of the female students must collect their wards before leaving the Hostel compound.


Contact Mailing Address:

TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI)
TMSS, Gokul, Bogra 5800, Bangladesh.
Phone: 051-60655 .Mob-01713377022, Fax:051-78563