Techniques of Providing Services

Some techniques are used for providing different types of services regarding primary health care services among community people. The techniques are as follows:

Formation of Group:
Group is formed in association of 10-30 poor, landless, marginalized women of the villages under TMSS microfinance program. Sometimes new groups are formed for providing healthcare services. It is mentionable that health education, healthcare services, primary healthcare at a low cost etc. are taken into consideration with importance at the time of opening a new branch office or before forming a group. After formation a group, the group members not only get health facility but also they get credit facility.

Under the poverty alleviation program of TMSS, among the organized groups, including the facilities of primary health service in cyclic order, paramedic in village organizer’s facilitation, Health Assistant and Clinical Assistant, any two of three, in the target area important community, specially making conscious the group members and under the primary health service antenatal, Intra natal and post natal check up, gives medical pres give health education creation, gives active suggestions to go from the satellite clinic to the sub clinic or RCH or in any other referred hospital. There are one or more volunteer TBA (Traditional Birth Attendance) in the satellite clinic who bring patients to the RCH.

Mobile Clinics:
Health workers go to the micro-credit groups and discuss about various health related issues for aware the community people. For this the health workers use some equipments like Philip Charts, life-long example, leaf-let, pictures, etc. At the next week Medical Assistants (MA) come to the groups and monitor Health Workers activities and they provide health education and treatment among group members, if necessary. For serious cases the patients are suggested to come at the sub-clinics after 2.00 pm for receiving health services. It is noted that Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) help the patients as volunteers through satellite clinics.

Health Camps:
Health care services are provided by specialized doctors among rural poor in remote areas through mobile clinics at a very low cost. For organizing mobile health camp in the rural areas, messages are disseminated among community people covering nearby branches of the organization. Huge messages are also disseminated to the schools, colleges, religious institutions and in any other institutions by spreading out leaf-lets, posters, festoon, banners, and so on. Messages are also disseminated among community people through inter-personal communication and miking techniques before organizing health camps.