Organize Workshop on Health Issues Includes Health Education:

TMSS promotes health awareness through organize workshop, in this regard TMSS organize a strategy development workshop with the assistance of NICARE and Health Consult, TMSS officials, representatives from PKSF, GoB official were present. The workshop was organized at RED office of TMSS. Moreover, TMSS organize NGO coordination and strategy seminar of National Nutrition Programme (NNP) in BIAM and TMSS training venue at Bogra.

Roundtable Discussion with The Daily Star:

In HPSP program more than 11000 Community Clinics (CC) across the country was constructed. But unfortunately these CCs functional service are not meeting the demand. To address this issue a round table discussion was arranged with the banner tilted “ways to make Community Clinics (CCs) operational” at the Daily Star Office. The Daily Star and “NGO Network for PPP” a group of NGOs including TMSS, NICARE, Ad-din Hospital, Concern Universal, BRAC, DUS, LAMB Hospital, Papan Foundation, DUS, ASOD.

Anti Tobacco Movements:

TMSS has been operating different activities on Anti Tobacco movement from its inception. As a continuation of its activities, it has taken huge initiative to observe the World No Tobacco Day 2009 arranged by Department of Health and World Health Organization. As TMSS is an active member of Bangladesh Anti Tobacco Alliance (BATA), it participated in Rally organized in front of the National Museum at Shahbag, Dhaka on 31st May. The Rally began from Shahbag and ended at Doctor Millon Memorial Auditorium at Dhaka Medical College. Honorable Minister of Ministry of Mealth and Family Planning was present as Chief Guest at seminar arranged right after the rally.

Health Education for TMSS Group Members:

TMSS has 45,648 numbers of groups throughout the country. Each group consists of 20-30 members. These groups sit together once in week for 2 to 3 hours. In this group, besides micro-finance activities they discuss on health and hygiene, HIV/AIDS, trafficking, women and child rights, domestic violence etc.

TMSS provides one paramedics doctor, one clinical assistant and one health worker in a branch. She (TMSS always recruited women paramedical) attends the weekly group meeting and provides health support, first aid, and referral suggestions and discuss on various types of health issues. All budgetary allocation of the supports is borne by the Directorate of HEM (Health Education and Micro-finance). Total 55 Para-medics are working in 55 satellite clinics.

School health Education Program:

TMSS carried out school health education program through its deferent projects and programs. National Nutrition Program (NNP), Urban Fringe Project, Participatory Adolescent Nutrition Improvement (PANI) is the major projects of TMSS in this regards.

Health Education in Community Health Program:

For raising awareness and for providing services to the rural people, TMSS carried-out a project on Public Privet Partnership (PPP). Besides, in the NNP project TMSS provide health education on mother and child health, safe mother hood, adolescent and re-productive health to the community people.

IEC and BCC in Hospitals:

TMSS establish a 310-bed hospital to provide hospital health to the people of all stratum of the community. Besides, 55 sub-clinic/satellite clinics provide health services to the rural poor, especially the women and children.

Occupational Health Program:

TMSS provides occupational health services through its projects and programs, in this regard, Worst Form of Child Labour (WFCL) in Dhaka city, Adarsha Gram project –II etc are mentionable.

Community Ownership for Health Promotion

In aim to strengthening rural health status as participatory method this project was under implemented. Public Private Partnership (PPP) program, one of the components of the DFID supported to HPSP, this therefore being designed to improve poor women and children’s access to good quality, essential health services. PPP is a pilot intervention of MoHFW. This program has been initiated for enhancing ESP operation under Health Sector Program with an aim to establishing sustainable Health Care Delivery system in rural areas at CC and UH&FWC level.

Community based health care project

The integrated community based maternal and child health program aims to improve health awareness; make essential health care services such as antenatal care, delivery, postnatal care, growth monitoring, basic treatments, health education, family planning etc., delivered through satellite clinics/sub-clinics, accessible to people in remote and rural areas; establish a working referral system to secondary health care services; and support the government in setting up sustainable health program.

Health workers visiting houses and attending weekly micro-credit meetings distribute contraceptives, oral re-hydration therapy, vitamin A capsules and give health education. They also run sessions on reproductive health with adolescent females. Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) trained by TMSS are present in deliveries happening at home, encourages mothers and children to attend satellite clinics and refers complicated cases to hospitals. Fifty five paramedics and 590 TBAs, through 55 satellite clinics/sub-clinics held each month and 55 unit office clinics provide these services.

Emergency Health Camp

TMSS health sector arranges emergency health camp for flood victims and victims of cold. About 7892 patients were provided with treatment free of cost during the reporting period. THS also arranges special health camp with nationally and internationally renowned Doctors of heart diseases, Skin VD, Orthopedics, ENT, Eye, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Medicine, Pediatrics, etc.

Eye care project

With technical and financial assistance from donors for the Blind, TMSS launched mobile eye care project in many places in Bogra district. The project organizes mobile camps in several upazilas of Bogra district providing primary eye care (PEC) and correcting cataract by Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) fitting and arranging training for government and non-governmental employees on PEC and cataract identification. TMSS also organizes eye-camp at rural areas through its sub-clinics at regular basis. Thus, TMSS introduced Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for irreversibly blind people at Bogra district.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) prevention and HIV/AIDS awareness project

TMSS has been trying to protect the HIV/AIDS through creating awareness to the group member as well as community also. HIV/AIDS is now an alarming health problem for Bangladesh. TMSS has been working on this issue through raising awareness and sensitization among the general mass using different tools such as leaflets, banners, posters, festoons, audiovisuals, etc.

TMSS implemented the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) supported project of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) – “Prevention of HIV/AIDS among Youth and Adolescents in Bangladesh” in Bogra and Sylhet districts. Under the HIV/AIDS Intervention Fund (HAIF) project of GoB TMSS has provided orientation to the private and public health service providers in Bogra and Sylhet districts on universal precaution and safe blood transfusion.

TMSS has worked in conjunction with CARE Bangladesh to help prevent the spread of STIs in Dhaka, Bogra, Rajshahi, Sylhet, mainly for truckers, rickshaw pullers and sexual workers. The STI prevention project work towards providing primary level care and diagnosis of STI through permanent or mobile drop-in-centers (DICs), raising awareness about STI in high risk groups, encouraging and effecting changes to improve numbers practicing safe sex, and bringing about behavioral changes leading to safer sexual practices through advocacy and training.

Water and sanitation activities

TMSS start this program with its own fund. The objective of this program is to aware 100% community people and at the same time to provide knowledge on how to make and use the hygiene latrine. TMSS distributes hygiene latrine among the community people at a low cost. The organization also implements this program with the financial and technical assistance of donors. In water and sanitation activities, UNICEF and the Department of Public Health Engineering has assisted TMSS by setting up tube wells and identifying the arsenic contaminated ones. TMSS has given sanitation materials among people. The donor is supporting a Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASSH) project at Shariakandi upazila attempting to reach target beneficiaries.

Annual Development Program (ADP), GB

TMSS has been implementing this program with the financial assistance of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh Government.  The objective of this program is to give treatment to the poor and hard core poor, to provide necessary medicine at free of cost and to buy necessary modern equipments for providing better treatment to the poor. During the fiscal year 2009-201, 1200 poor and hard core patients have been provided treatment at free of cost under this program.

Acid Survivors Program (ASP)

TMSS starts this program with its own fund. Latter on, Acid Survivors Foundation came to help TMSS for providing necessary assistance among the acid victim people. At present TMSS has been implementing this program with the financial assistance of Acid Survivors Foundation, Dhaka. Starting period of this program is September 2005 and Working Area is Bogra District.

The objective of this program is:

  • To aware the community people for protecting acid terrorism.
  • To save the women, children and other people from acid burn.
  • To help the acid burn people for getting urgent treatment.
  • To help the acid burn people for establishing in the society.

Main Activities:

(A)  Awareness rising regarding acid victims:

  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Discussion in Group meeting
  • Conduct District acid control Committee Meeting
  • Conduct Upazila acid control Committee Meeting
  • Cultural Program
  • Postering
  • Leaflet Supply

(B) Legal Support & Prevention:

  • Court case processing
  • Submit case to court and follow up
  • Communicate with ASF lawyers
  • Treatment/ Medical support to victim & referred to ASF  for better treatment

(C) Social reintegration for Acid victim

  • Linkage acid victims with IGA, IA, Health, Livestock & Agricultural section.

Building a Model Institute for Paramedics (BMIP)

TMSS Health Sector has been implementing this program with the financial and technical assistance of Research Training and Management (RTM) International and Swiss Contact. The objectives of this program are:

  • To increase presentation skills of the MBBS doctors through trainings.
  • To increase quality and skills of paramedics.
  • To build up skilled and qualified paramedics for ensuring primary healthcare services among the rural poor.
  • To aware community people regarding primary healthcare services.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)

TMSS has implemented this program with the financial help of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh Government at Shariakandi upazila, Bogra. The objectives of this program are:

  • To provide door-step primary healthcare services among community people.
  • To tag the ill-treatment taking people into the mainstream of treatment.
  • To provide primary healthcare services among rural poor people.
  • To aware community people regarding primary healthcare services.
  • To refer the complex patients for secondary and tertiary treatments at government hospital or RCH.
  • To operate healthcare centers by the local people participation.
  • To establish the community clinics into a sustainable institutions.

Anti-Drug Movement:

TMSS has various effective activities such as seminar, workshop, counseling, etc. to raise consciousness against Drug-Addiction. The organization has a referral linkage to the rehabilitation center and takes an initiative to establish a rehabilitation center.

Assessment for Nutrition Status:

Nutrition is an essential component for good health. The workers of THS assessed the nutritional status of people to provide suggestion. TMSS has also been working as an implementing organization of the Government’s National Nutrition Project in 09 Upazilas.

Arsenic Mitigation Program:

Since 1999 TMSS has been doing identification and monitoring of Arsenic Mitigation Project on Tube-Well Water of Sylhet District financed by DCH, NGO Forum embracing as many as 914305 beneficiaries.

Hospital based maternal and child health care

The 250-beded TMSS Hospital at Bogra offers gynae/obstetrics, pediatrics, medicine, psychiatry, surgery, eye, dental and ENT services. In addition, diagnostic facilities are available in all TMSS hospital, including endoscopy and ECG being available at TMSS Hospital, Bogra. These facilities are open to both women and children.

Special care is taken of malnourished children and those with diarrhea. The nutritional rehabilitation unit in RCH was developed in response to the high proportions of malnourishment among children. Specialized treatment is given to the malnourished children following a standard protocol. Food is provided at subsidize cost for the accompanying guardian. Moreover, there are separate diarrhea wards in TMSS hospital.

Three buses and two micro-bus services operate in RCH to bring in patients from outlying regions, every day covering six days in a week. Since its introduction, an average of 250 people uses the vehicles each day.

Health Education through Networking/Coordinating

TMSS acted as a coordinator of a health related network titled: “NGOs Network for PPP”. This was a network of the NGOs those were working in the field of health focused on health education. Executive Director of TMSS (CEO) was the Chairperson of the network. Total 11 organizations were the core member of the Network. List of the member organization is as follows:

1. Ad-din


3.   BRAC


5.  LAMB




9.   TMSS


11. DUS

Beside this TMSS is affiliated with many other health related international and national network and organization. List of major networking bodies are as follows:

  • Voluntary Health Services Society (VHSS).
  • Commonwealth Liaison Unit Bangladesh (CLU-B).
  • Credit and Development Forum (CDF).
  • Coalition of Urban Poor (CUP).
  • Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF).
  • United Nation Information and Education Services (UNIES).
  • UN Commission for the Status of Women.
  • Global Water Partnership (GWP).
  • Bangladesh Water partnership (BWP)
  • Network for Information, Response & Preparedness Activities on Disaster (NIRAPAD).
  • National Coordination Council of Anti Drug NGOs (NCCADN)
  • International Water Association (IWA)
  • Forum for Participatory Education and Development (FPED)
  • The Association for Women in Development (AWID)
  • Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB)
  • Federation of NGO`s in Bangladesh (FNB)
  • District NGO Coordination Committee (DNCC)
  • National STI/AIDS Network