Message from the Principal
Rabeya BegumThis is the better time for young men and women to enter the profession of nursing. The demand for quality nurses continues to grow, the profession otters a tremendous variety of career paths and the opportunities for advancement are practically unlimited both in our country and abroad. In addition to competitive salaries, nursing offers a person the chance to work and learn with committed professionals throughout his/her career. It is also a profession that will give you the satisfaction that comes from providing the highest quality care to patients, families and communities. Right now, Bangladesh has both Diploma and BSN nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree are able to work with diverse age groups, among persons with many different health care conditions and in a variety of care settings, such as critical care, neighborhood clinics, surgery, pediatrics or emergency rooms. Everyone agrees that a strong education is the foundation for professional success, and the TMSS Nursing College provides an excellent start for a rewarding career. We pride ourselves on maintaining an energetic, interactive learning environment, one that emphasizes critical thinking and communication skills. Our nursing students also benefit from:

  • A caring and committed faculty who are expert clinicians, teachers and mentors.
  • A strong clinical program with hands-on experiences in diverse health care settings.
  • An innovative, broad-based nursing curriculum with a community focus that reflects best practices in a changing health care environment.
  • A culture of respect and professionalism based on the TMSS’s tradition of service and commitment to its students and community.
  • High-tech learning labs with the latest in teaching tools and technology.
  • A touch of Foreign Nursing Faculty for continuous counseling, guidance and upgrading the nursing education and profession as par as international standard.

Nursing is the most important and key service for the deserving clients. To manage, to make policy and to meet-up the demand of qualified and skill nursing service there is a huge lack of qualified BSN nurses both in our country and abroad.

If you are ready for the challenges-and the rewards-of a great career, choose nursing. Work in the country and abroad and play major key role to build up the economy of our country. And if you want to get your nursing career off to a great start, I invite you to become a TMSS Nurse.

Mrs. Rabeya Begum

Principal(In charge)
BSc. in Nursing, MPH
Mobile: 01713-37 71 50