It is a great pleasure to write a few words for the web page of Rangpur Community Paramedic Institute (RCPI). We believe that education is the cultivation and manifestation of the individual talent to lead a successful social life and to become a community health worker is worthy praise of Almighty Allah to serve human particularly the sick people in rural areas. From that vision and inner urge Rangpur Community Paramedic Institute RCPI) has been established in 2010 at Rangpur by TMSS. It is mentionable that it remains a high quality and standard in its real sense.  I think that this is the better time for young men and women to enter the profession of community paramedic course. The demand for quality paramedics continues to grow; the profession offers a tremendous variety of career paths and the opportunities both in public and private sectors in the country. Moreover, there is a good scope for private practice.

The institute has been started with qualified and dedicated permanent and guest teachers. The entire faculty members are constantly seeking newer methods of teaching and putting their best efforts so that learning process is facilitated. Students are urged to maintain high standard of their exercise in this institute. The course evaluation is made through regular periodic class test, assignment and term examination as per rules, guidelines and instructions in all years.

I strongly believe that the students of this course would be able to provide healthcare services regarding primary healthcare services and essential services about safe delivery. After completion of this course the learners will be able to get a job in public and private sectors as because this a good scope to be involved in all those sectors. There is also a good demand of those paramedics in our country. Regarding this issue, a survey has been conducted that there will need about huge paramedics in Bangladesh within 2012 and they would be able to get jobs in government Community Clinics prevalent in the country.

Anyway, the Community Paramedic Program closes the gap by expanding the role of expert community paramedic personnel. Through a standardized curriculum, accredited institutes will train first responders at the appropriate level to serve communities more broadly in the areas of:

  • Primary healthcare;
  • Public healthcare;
  • Disease management;
  • Prevention and wellness;
  • Maternal & Child health;
  • Dental care, etc.

Thus, the Community Paramedic Program adapts to the specific needs and resources of each community. I think that it will succeed through the combined efforts of those that have a stake in maintaining the health and well-being of its residents.

I hope, this institute would be helpful and ideal one in the country, especially in North Bengal for producing community paramedics. I do welcome all of you to visit our institute and draw a comment for improving the institute gradually.


Dr. Md. Abdur Rahim
Rangpur Community Paramedic Institute
Goneshpur, Rangpur, Bangladesh