dr. md. mahbub-ur-rahimBangladesh is a highly populated and poor country. Health is one of the major basic needs for the people. Healthy people are the active people and can contribute the country’s economic development directly and indirectly. Till now skilled health personnel is lacking in comparison with the countries population. The requirement of the efficient health care service institute, medical and allied health educational institute is very much lacking. In recent past medical educational institutions were a few in numbers and located in the main cities only. So the number of health personnel production was not sufficient and the people in the rural areas were not aware about this technical/allied education and services provided by them. At present the government recognized the need of these kinds of institutions and has increased the number of institutes and gives emphasis to establish these kinds of institutes at peripheral level of Bangladesh.

TMSS is a non-government social developmental organization working in the rural area for up-liftmen of socioeconomic condition of poor people especially the woman. TMSS implements Comprehensive Development Projects. Health Education and Micro-credit (HEM) is the model package program of TMSS. TMSS is providing Primary and Secondary health care programs through its TMSS Health Care Clinics & Rafatullah Community Hospital. To support these programs TMSS started the TMIRT on 2005 to build well skilled and friendly health Workers like laboratory technologists, Dentistry technologists, Paramedics (Village Doctors/Health Workers).

I hope and believe that TMSS will be a part of health Service Provider in Bangladesh.

Thank you and more power for the Nation.


 Dr. Md. Mahbub-ur Rahim
TMSS Medical Institute of Research & Technology (TMIRT)
Thengamara, Rangpur Road, Bogra-5800, Bangladesh.