Message from Principal

Teacher's Information of TMATS-1 copyIt is my pleasure to write a few words for the web page of TMSS Medical Assistant Training School. We believe education is the cultivation and manifestation of the individual talent to lead a successful social life. We believe that to become a medical technologist is worthy praise of Almighty Allah to serve human particularly the sick people. From that vision and inner urge TMSS Medical Assistant Training School has been established in 2008 at the Thengamara, a Greene village 6 kilometer north to Bogra & 2 kilometer Southern of Mohastan Ghar. But it remains a high quality and standard in its real sense.  I think that this is the better time for young men and women to enter the profession of medical technologists. The demand for quality medical technologists continues to grow, the profession offers a tremendous variety of career paths and the opportunities for advancement are practically unlimited both in our country and abroad.

The school has been started with qualified and dedicated teachers and other staffs. The entire faculty members are constantly seeking newer methods of teaching and putting their best efforts so that learning process is facilitated. Thus, the colorful presences of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd batch have already made the school glorious. Students are urged to maintain high standard of their exercise in this school. The course evaluation is made through regular periodic class test, assignment and term examination as per faculty rules, guidelines and instructions in all years. The school has also a strong Governing Body for running it smoothly.

All examinations include written, oral and practical test under the direct supervision of teachers of respective institute. Examination results publishing will be as per faculty rules, guidelines and instructions in all years, i.e. 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year examinations. Moreover, question setting, moderation, printing, distribution, tabulation will also be done according to faculty rules, guideline and instruction. Students’ progress report and performances are informed regularly to their parents for individual attention & improvement. It is mentionable that each student after successful completion of 3rd year final faculty examination will go under 12 month compulsory internship. 9 months at general/Sadar hospital or any equivalent hospital and 3 months at Upazila Health Complex will be spent. After successful completion of 12 months rotator internship he/she will get permanent registration as per faculty rules, guidelines and instructions.

I hope, this school would be helpful and an ideal one in the country, especially in North Bengal for producing medical technologists. I do welcome all of you to visit our school and draw a comment for improving gradually.

Dr. Md. AHM Aktaruzzaman
Principal (In-Charge)
TMSS Medical Assistant Training School (TMATS)
Thengamara, Rangpur Road, Bogra, Bangladesh