Nursing Care

Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH), Bogra- Department of Nursing Services strongly believes that its philosophy and objectives are congruent to the mission, vision, philosophy of RCH. It has the primary responsibility of providing comprehensive, individualized nursing care to patient based on their assessed nursing needs. Nursing care is collaborated with the health team in rendering Total Nursing Health Care, as one of the major modality pattern in giving nursing allocations.

The most important asset of the department is its staff. To provide the best quality of nursing care, the nursing personnel are adequately prepared by Education, Experience and Training. Continuing Nursing Education enhances their professional competence while it is a personal responsibility. The Nursing Services provide the motivations and opportunities for professional growth and development by Nursing Teaching Consultant.

Continuous evaluation of Nursing Care is provided so that quality can always be made better. A systematic staffing pattern ensures the availability of nursing personnel who can provide quality and safe nursing care to patients in accordance with their skill level. Nursing Services believe that a dynamic and innovative environment enhances the professional competency of the nurses.

The Education and Training are provided to all RCH-Nurses to adapt new concepts, innovations, procedural applications and acquisitions of increased expertise. Nurses are also given opportunities to attend conferences or seminars conducted by in house speakers or by other agencies. Management Training & Supervisory Development Training programs are designed to train nurses who have potentials for leadership in supervisory or managerial positions, in order to have a ready pool of employees trained for supervisory post when vacancies occur. Nurses are also monitored through an individualized training needs assessment continuously.

The Training activities of RCH nurses start with the orientation to a new nurse. Mandatory Training procedural skills are also required before giving them staff allocation. RCH-nurses are empowered through different training activities like the daily spot training, ward teaching, return demonstration, supervised random evaluation, pre and post training assessment. Personal Development Training, Language Development, Behavioral/Ethical and Therapeutic Communications Training are also incorporated for their values orientation. All these initiatives contain different nursing procedures showing how to execute procedures properly and ideally.

To energize and motivate RCH-nurses more emphasis on their procedural skills in the Continuing Nursing Education Programs are being drawn. Along with Case Presentations, Drug Presentations, Code Blue Drill, BLS/ACLS/CPR and Endotracheal Intubations to update the nursing staff on how to act promptly in an emergency management disaster.

There are also discussions on disease conditions on how nursing care management will be given to patients. Biomedical teams are giving demonstration on important hospital gadgets and infection control awareness training is always updated. There are also special training courses designed in some special areas and critical areas of the hospital.

These endeavors for staff development in the Nursing Services is also meant to break up their old way of thinking and help them shift into a distinct RCH nursing paradigm that combines an equal measures of quick wits, a compassionate heart and efficiency of hard work.
Our nurses are trained in 10 areas of competence.
1. Personal and Professional Development
2. Therapeutic Communication
3. Ethnic / Legal / Moral responsibility
4. Safe and Quality Nursing Care
5. Proper Records Documentation
6. Collaboration and Team work
7. Family Health Education
8. Management of Clinical Environment and Resources
9. Safe Medication Practices
10. Education and Training

We realized that excellence in nursing care is only assured when we continuously and regularly:

  1. Nurture our nurses and cultivate their skills through Continuing Nursing Education and Training.
  2. Recognize that the scope of their work extends throughout all areas of operation, in compassing clinical skills, caring and patients satisfaction.
  3. Grant them a clear objectives and attractive career path.
  4. Empower them and include them in decision making.
  5. Evaluate our Nursing Services, specify protocols, nursing policies and procedures to meet international standards of care.

Nursing Services Fourfold Units:
Nursing Services is subdivided into Fourfold Units

  • The Nursing Administration
  • General Area
  • Critical Area
  • Nursing Education, Training & Research

Specialty Nursing Training:
Specialty training courses are designed with planned lecture training hours, hands on training and pre and post evaluation after finishing the course. It comprises of Critical Care Nursing: Cardio Thoracic Intensive Care Unit (CTICU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NNICU), Neurological Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Critical Care Unit (CCU), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU), High Dependency Unit (HDU), Oncology Nursing, Endoscope, Dialysis & Pediatric Nursing.

We value the team environment through concerted efforts and individual skills and the contribution of our nurses in maintaining excellence in quality nursing care and inspire them with the innovative vision of outstanding patients’ care first envisioned by the celebr