RCH of TMSS provides complete medical services in both Outpatient and Inpatient departments. RCH offers a wide arrangement of professional medical services:

Operating Room (OR)
Operating Room (OR) has been set of international standard quality in RCH. RCH has 12 clean room OR. Clean Room OR is the concept of rooms with no germs. The Operating Rooms are controlled atmospherically in such a way that no germs (bacterial, viral or any other) can grow which allows safer operations. There are 05 general OR covering General Surgery, Eye, ENT, and Orthopedic. All the operating rooms are accessible only through Air Shower Passage for sterilization which ensures more safety and germs free atmosphere.

Out Patient Department (OPD)
There is a separate Out Patient Department (OPD) with international standard quality in two floors. Each floor has a sitting arrangement of 100 persons and there are 21 chambers in each floor. In the ground floor there is a specious reception area to cater the need of the patients and separator areas for Nurse Station, Sample collection rooms (Blood/Specimen), etc.

Out-door Services:
All the common patients get an opportunity of taking treatment as well as prescription from the doctors regularly. The patients are advised by the duty doctors to get admission into the hospital if necessary. All the nurses, attendants and the logistic support staffs who are engaged for working in out-door service help the patients cordially for getting proper treatment.

Out-door services are as follows.

  • Treatment of the common patients.
  • Care of mothers and children’s health service.
  • Specialized treatment service (Medicine, Cardiology, surgery, Gynae & Obs. Baby and newly born infant, Eye, Skin and VD, mental disease drug addiction, Orthopedics, ENT, Urology, Diabetics patients etc.
  • Treatment of dental diseases.
  • Family Planning.
  • EPI.
  • Facilities for emergency treatment. Round the clock services to manage any types of emergency patients include RTA.

In Patient Department (IPD)
The In Patient Department (IPD) has seven separate areas covering General Ward, Cabin, OT Complex, Gynae & Obs. area. The whole area of OT and Cabin is air-conditioned. In the front passageway there are two separate wide corridors connecting the buildings with IPD. There are two wide stairs and one ramp for easy movement of the traffic. In the back passageway, there separate stairs for Doctors, Nurses and other hospital staffs.

Indoor Services
Treatments for all common and complicated diseases are offered by specialist doctors in round the clock. The nurses, attendants and the logistic support staffs help the patients for getting proper treatments. All the indoor services are offered through several departments/wards which are as follows:

  • Medicine Ward;
  • Surgery Ward;
  • Gynae & Obs. Ward;
  • Paediatric Ward;
  • Orthopedics Ward;
  • ENT;
  • Eye;
  • Isolation Ward;
  • Diabatology Ward;
  • Urology Ward;
  • Physiotherapy;

The total capacity of In Patient Department (IPD) is 310. Each ward has dedicated Doctors and Nurse Service facility. Each ward has separate smooth beds which are separated by individual curtain system. In each bed there is central supply of medical gas system covering oxygen, air and vacuum.

There are 3 types of cabins. Each cabin has central medical gas supply system and nurse call system. From the cabin itself the patient can call the nurse from the bed with just press of a button. S/he can talk to the nurse/doctors from the bed directly.

Diagnostic Services:

  • Pathology Microbiology and Serology.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Radiology (X-Ray).
  • Electro Cardiology (ECG).
  • Ultra Sonogram (USG).
  • Echocardiography.

Blood Transfusions
Safe Blood Transfusion facilities are available round the clock for he patients as per requirement. Expert consultant and Medical Technologist (Lab) are performing their duties sincerely. Medical Technologist (Lab) and consultants are rendering variable services round the clock.


  • We can provide safe blood to the Patient and also to the community through Blood Bank.
  • People can get Safe Blood in emergency period form the Safe Blood Transfusion Unit to safe lives of people.


  • Collection of blood from Voluntary Blood Donor.
  • Screening of the Blood to prevent transmission of HIV, HBV, HCV, MP and syphilis.
  • Separation of Blood Component.
  • Storage of Blood for emergency Supply.
  • Out door campaigning and motivation for voluntary donation.

Emergency Service
The patient who is very serious firstly they attend the emergency unit for treatment. The Emergency Medical Officer (EMO) provides treatment and management.

 Service in Isolation Unit
The patients of communicable diseases are getting proper treatment at isolation ward in this hospital. Those patients are under the strict and special observation of doctor and nurse at isolation unit and provide the proper & quality treatment.

Services in FP & EPI Unit
The family planning services and immunization of children & women are given by this unit. Contraceptive materials (pills & Condom) are distributed through this unit. Counseling of couples for permanent sterilization is done here. Trained staff nurses, FWV and an expert coordinator work here.

Service through OT Unit
RCH is ruining with 5 Operation Theaters. They are emergency, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, Gynae & Obs and Eye & ENT. The surgeons provide operational treatment and management of patients with minimum/nominal cost in comparison with other clinics and hospital.

Diagnostic Service
Pathological, microbiological, serological, biochemical tests & histopathology are done here. X (General & Dental), Electrocardiography (ECG), Echocardiography, Ultrasonography (4D colour Doppler) investigations are available at RCH.

Dental Service
The dental unit is run by a dental surgeon and a technologist. The common and the complicated dental patients are getting proper treatment through Dental Unit.

Physiotherapy Service
The disable patients can get proper treatment through the Physiotherapy unit and rehabilitated in the society. The aim of Physiotherapy treatment is to help reduce the patient’s disabilities and convert them as capable persons to work smoothly. Physiotherapy can cure the patient form normal pain, pain in joint, sensations problem, pain from the strike of games and sports, pain in tissue, pain in neck and back bone, paralyses etc. Physiotherapy treatment is called “supplementary to medicine” and it has no side effects. Physiotherapy remedy is named as the non medicinal treatment.