TMSS Health Sector (THS) has established several medical institutions in order to fulfill the demand for skilled and qualified Medical Technical Professionals in the country. Several institutes of such type have already been established for fulfilling the gradual demand of skilled and qualified medical technical professionals at the TMSS Health Sector campus. However, the following institutions are being run and managed at TMSS, Thengamara, Bogra.

Medical Education is being provided and imparted by running and managing the following institutions:

  • TMSS Medical College (TMC).
  • TMSS Nursing College (TNC).
  • TMSS Medical Assistant Training School (TMATS).
  • TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI).
  • TMSS Medical Institute of Research and Technology (TMIRT).
  • TMSS Community Health Workers Institute (TCHWI).
  • TMSS Community Paramedic Institute (TCPI), Bogra.
  • Rangpur Community Paramedic Institute (RCPI).
  • TMSS 500 Bedded Medical College Hospital.

Every medical institute run by TMSS health sector has multi-stored/floored own building having enough area square feet. Moreover, it has others following facilities:-

  • Lecture Gallery.
  • tutorial rooms
  • practical room
  • A large Library
  • 500 bedded hospital
  • Ultra- sonogram machine (4D,2D);
  • Color Doppler
  • Slide projectors, projectors Screens
  • Public address system
  • VIPP Board Easel Boards
  • White Board and others with backup support of computer  system
  • E-mail and transport etc:

Staffs are assigned at the time of launching program based of their experience and commitment to work with the program. Appropriate resource persons are invited for enriching the said training course as and when required. Staffs arrangements in the institutes are as follows:-

  • Principal
  • Vice-Principal
  • Lecturer
  • Administrative Officer
  • Hostel Super
  • Account Officer
  • Computer operator
  • Librarian
  • Office Assistance
  • Peon
  • Ayea
  • Cleaner

The pattern of the students of all the medical educational institutes is that the students must be competent, meritorious, sound-minded and current students according to the boards and other approval authorities. It is to be mentioned that TMSS as the philanthropically organization, it gives priority of the children of its beneficiaries as well as the children of the poor, hardcore poor from remote rural community as well. And only for the USG course the pattern of the student is MBBS doctors who have passed earlier.

  • Institutional/formal educational activities.
  • Arrangement students’ admission and registration of the admitted students in time.
  • Provide theoretical and practical learning to the students according to course and curriculum in a planned way.
  • Arrangement of final examination in batch wise after completion all the semesters.
  • Infrastructural development according to the expansion of students.
  • Taking necessary steps for buying, managing and making as needed.
  • Manage curriculum and other instruments for the students as required.
  • Recruitment of necessary teachers and other supporting staffs etc.

Physical Facilities of the Institutes

Staff Pattern of the Institute

Pattern of Students

Pattern of Educational Activities