Maternal Healthcare

The 310-beded Rafatullah Community Hospital, Bogra offers gynae/obstetrics, paediatrics, medicine, psychiatry, surgery, eye, dental and ENT services. In addition, diagnostic facilities are available in RCH hospitals, including endoscopy and ECG being available at RCH, Bogra. These facilities are open to both women and children.

The Family planning (FP) & Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) activities  are run under this hospital by Family Planning Department. The couples are given counseling serves and the family planning commodities. Vaccination under EPI program is given. Staff nurses of this hospital are responsible to these services. Moreover, (i) people/patient can get the family planning material treatment & advice from RCH. (ii) Operation service of RCH (iii) Enfant, Child, Adolescent girl and pregnant mothers regularly get the needed vaccine from EPI department of RCH.  Of the various maternal healthcare services, following services are remarkable.

  • General treatment of women;
  • Ante-natal check-up;
  • Post-natal check-up;
  • Normal delivery;
  • Forceps delivery;
  • Caesarian delivery;
  • Surgical operation (General Surgery, Ortho Surgery, Eye, ENT, Urology);
  • ECG services to women patients;
  • Medical camp;
  • Referral service;
  • Health Education to women;
  • Immunization of 15-49 yr. age group women (5 dose schedule);
  • Immunization of pregnant mothers for prevention of neonatal tetanus;
  • Ante-natal care;
  • Post-natal care;
  • Family planning Counseling & Services to eligible couples
  • Prevention of STD/AIDS;