Hospitality Services

The competition in the Hospitality industry has escalated. Today the customer loyalty and commitment is exceptional service, no matter it is a hospital or hotel it all concern on customers. We at Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH), Bogra have transformed ourselves to provide and effective and efficient services. With the commitment of patients’ safety the major areas of this section is-

  • Receiving notification of expected arrivals.
  • Preparation of the rooms.
  • Welcoming the guests & making their stay comfortable.
  • Patients’ Food & Beverage,
  • Housekeeping,
  • Laundry,
  • Canteen and hotel
  • Preparing & submitting Room Occupancy Report.

RCH has two separate canteens such as Rafatullah Community Canteen and another is Central Canteen. These two canteens have more than 50 staffs led by two separate Managers who have several years of professional experience in Hospitality Services. These two canteens are operated under a senior level relevant experienced person. The commitment is to serve better. We do maintain on continuous staff training according to need.

RCH Canteen
Meals are prepared in the Rafatullah Community Canteen which is modern and quality service provider in the hospital sector in North Bengal by qualified chefs. Giving the highest priority in maintain Food Safety and Hygiene. We are committed to maintain food safety and hygiene maintain. All meals given to patients are recommended by the qualified dieticians who asses each patients on the dietary needs.

The goal of the housekeeping department is to maintain an enough area in a clean and sanitary manner providing a healthy environment for patients, employees and visitors.

All of the hospital’s linen (Bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, gowns, staff uniformed) is processed in house laundry a total of 1000 pieces of linen washed, dried and pressed daily. We understand the important infection control practices for handling, processing, storage and delivery of textiles in a healthcare setting.

RCH Food Corner
The Restaurant started its operation in new form under the management of RCH Hospital. RCH Food Corner is now open from 8:00 am to 9.30 pm every day and offers hygienic and tasty local cooking ranging from singhgara, salads, snacks, noodles, moghlai, ice-creams, curd, cold drinks and fresh juices.