Facilities are available with Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) which are as follows:

  • Quality Medical Treatment;
  • Modern Surgical Operation Theatre with modern ultraviolet ray;
  • Manual/Computerized Pathological Test;
  • Modern X-Ray Service;
  • Computerized E.C.G;
  • Computerized Ultra-sonogram;
  • Modern Ambulance Service;
  • Patients’ VIP and Normal Cabin;
  • Seperate General Wards for male and female patients;
  • Cheap Rate;
  • Pharmacy Service round the clock.
  • Canteen Facility.
  • Free treatment facility for hardcore/ultrapoor patients by Lillah fund’.

All the beds are connected with central medical gas supply system to supply oxygen, air and vacuum when required and have all other relevant facilities to render emergency support.The emergency center at RCH is open round the clock a day to respond the emergency medical needs patients. The emergency area is large and free to move. There are 2 minor operating rooms in emergency section. There are separate patient receiving and observation area for male and female respectively.
Facilities in Emergency:
The Emergency Services Department is a 24-hour, full service emergency department, responding promptly with the highest degree of commitment to delivering quality emergency care. Specialty rooms are maintained to handle cases of orthopaedic injuries, paediatric and other serious patients. However, following emergency services are provoded.

  • 24 hours service is open for all.
  • Orthopedic service
  • Private Clinic Exam Rooms
  • Observation Area
  • Ambulance service
  • Critical Care
  • Blood Bank

Drug store in RCH is rich with most modern computerized patient handling facility. The total area covers 600 square meters. For smooth handling of patients there is separate reception, cash and delivery section.

  • Dish Television in patients’ waiting room
  • Computerized Hospital Management System
  • Network system
  • Satellite Internet Services with high speed.
  • Dish TV System in expert doctors’ rest room.
  • Medical Grade Oxygen & Generator
  • Power Supply
  • Telephone and Mobile
  • Incinerator
  • Pure Water Supply
  • Laundry System
  • Central Supply Sterilization Department (CSSD)
  • Accommodation
  • Restaurant / Food supply
  • Mini Shopping Mall/Departmental Store
  • Udpadon Show Room
  • Wll-located Store in the hospital premises.
  • Transports for doctors, nurses and patients coming from rural remote areas.

Existing Facilities:


RCH has the following infra structure facilities: