Available Facilities in TMSS Community Paramedic Institute:

Academic Building
There is a separate academic building and separate academic campus for TMSS Community Paramedic Institute (TCPI) at Bhagopara, Gokul, Bogra near TMSS Foundation Office. This building is situated at a open airy place so that students can walk, move and play at lea sure time.

Hostel/Dormitory for Students
Well furnished students’ dormitory is available in the students with canteen. There is also separate dormitory for the teachers at TMSS Foundation Office, Thengamara, Gokul, Bogra. Moreover, hostel accommodation with all well secured facilities for both male and female students are available either near the college building or at the TMSS Foundation Office.

The library is a hall well furnished with comfortable seating arrangement and silent atmosphere also. The library is fairly enriched with collection of common text books, reference books, important journals in various subjects and necessary equipments.

Teachers and Instructors
There are qualified and experienced teachers and instructors according to subjects. There are also full time teachers as well as part-time learned leachers for this institute. There is also an opportunity of guest teachers from other institutes and TMSS Medical College (TMC) according to demand.

Available of well equipped Laboratory with a rich museum and a well equipped Anatomy dissection Hall. This laboratory is well furnished with necessary facilities.

Hospital Facility
Available of 310 bedded Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) and a new modern 500 bedded teaching hospital which is under construction. This hospital is very near to this institute. There is a legal agreement between Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) and TMSS Community Paramedic Institute (TCPI) for clinical practice.  Therefore, the students of this institute are allowed for conducting their clinical practice this hospital.

Practical opportunity at the Sub-clinics
There is also an opportunity to use sub-clinics for their practical purposes operated by TMSS Health Sector (THS) at the field level. This is very important for the students of this institute.

Scholarship facility for good students
There is an opportunity of scholarship for good students studying in this institute. The students who read at this institute are always encouraged to be serious for their study so that they could learn more regarding their field.

Lecture Gallery
There are several Lecture Galleries with well ventilated and with modern facilities. Moreover, the institute has Microphone, Overhead Projector and Multimedia Projector for ensuring quality education.

Transport facility is available for teachers, students and other staffs also.

Canteen Facility
There are several good canteens located within the campus of TMSS Foundation Office as well as snack shop is also available in the same area. There is also facility of canteen and snake shop at the institute own campus.

Office and Staffs
There is an office of the Principal with concerned experienced staffs and necessary modern facilities for implementing academic program and to maintain administrative atmosphere of the institute. All the staffs are skilled and qualified at their respective areas.

Conference Room
There is a conference room for 50 person’s comfortable seating arrangement in the institute campus.

There is a big auditorium outside the institute campus, i.e.; at the TMSS Foundation Office campus under construction named Allahma Iqbal Aditorium which will be 1000 person seating arrangements for different cultural activities. Various types of occasions will be arranged here as and when required.

Employment opportunity in TMSS
This institute is under TMSS Health Sector and this sector is running various institutes including hospital. So there is a good scope of opportunity of employment hare. Moreover, TMSS is the third largest NGOs in Bangladesh where there are so many scope of opportunity of employment who would be able to acquire good result as well as skilled and knowledge in their respective field.

Extra curricular facilities for the students:

  • Different types of indoor games.
  • National days celebration.
  • Sports & Games (out door)
  • Cultural events like song, Dance, Debate, Drama etc.
  • Observance of Religious Festivals.
  • Students can walk in the area to TMSS natural eco-park besides the Hostel.