Message from Director & Chief (Health Services Domain)

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TMSS, a non-profit private voluntary organization operates in Bangladesh since 1980. The aims of TMSS are to improve the health, educational, social and financial status of underprivileged people, particularly of women and children in the areas where it works. It is our pleasure to mention that we implement affordable cost but high quality hospital and community based health services including nutritional rehabilitation, and eye care services; water and sanitation and other programs and projects through RCH. TMSS provides secondary healthcare services through Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) to the beneficiaries, community poor people, especially to the poor and hardcore women and children and others. RCH has been established beside Bogra-Rangpur highways. It is 06 kilometer away from northern side of Bogra town. At present, Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH), Bogra is 750-bed multi-disciplinary super-specialty tertiary care hospital in the north Bengal of Bangladesh, confidently providing comprehensive health care with the latest medical, surgical and diagnostic facilities. These services are provided by expert medical professionals, skilled nurses and technologists using state-of-the-art technology.

Anyway, thank you all for choosing Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) of TMSS and visiting our website. There is a vast arrangement of information about this hospital, its systems and processes, which as a patient may seem cumbersome to you. To help you navigate your way through the hospital system, we have prepared a guide to explain the various facilities and activities that you may come across. While remarkable progress has been made in the indoor medical services by ensuring best quality health care in all the specialties of medical science, you may take this opportunity in time of need.

It is our pleasure to mention here that over the time, we have gained excellent skills, experiences, demonstrated capability and innovativeness in various areas including health sector.

We do express our sincere willingness for giving better health care services among rural people, especially the women and children living in rural areas.

Prof. Dr. Raghib Ahsan
MBBS, MPH, MPhil (Nutritional Science)
Director & Chief
Health Services Domain(HSD)
Health Sector
TMSS, Thengamara, Bogra-5800, Bangladesh