feaTMSS is one of the largest developmental organizations in Bangladesh which has been working among the rural people for about 30 years. TMSS started its health services in 1990 with a view to provide health services to the poor community including the beneficiaries of TMSS in general. Initially the health sector intervention was limited to provide primary health care services and gradually it started extending to provide secondary health services and other health related services to the rural poor, especially the women and children. From the practical knowledge, the organization has understood that only the micro-credit or other developmental activities are not sufficient for the rural people’s development. As a non-government and non-profitable organization it has been working in rural areas for poverty alleviation and its dedicated manpower are working for the self-reliance of the poor people, especially for the women living in rural areas. It is important to mention that financial assistance is much needed for being self-reliance and for this TMSS is try its best efforts gradually. We have seen that it is not possible to eradicate poverty of the rural people, if we do not consider the good health of the rural people with great attention. We see that their good health is the best wealth of them and no body can deny it. Moreover, without sound health, it is not possible for a person to work attentively in various levels. Therefore, we need to ensure the good health of the rural people.

TMSS has taken initiatives for providing health services among rural poor. Some techniques are also used for providing different types of services regarding primary health care services among community people. Moreover, TMSS has introduced a new model named HEM (Health, Education and Micro Finance) in order to ensure sustainable development in our country. Thus, it has been implementing this model in a cost-effective way in the name HEM (Health, Education and Microfinance) to overcome the difficulties of maintaining livelihood management with a view to prestigious sustainability of the poor.

It is important to mention here that TMSS has been implementing different type of activities for a long period with the financial and technical supports from different national and international donor agencies. Over the time, TMSS has gained excellent skills, experiences, demonstrated capability and innovativeness in various areas including health sector.

We do express our sincere willingness for giving better health care services among rural people, especially the women and children living in rural areas.

Rtn. Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman
Deputy Executive Director-2, TMSS