Medical Educational Institutes
TMSS Health Sector (THS) has established several medical institutions in order to fulfill the demand for skilled and qualified Medical Technical Professionals in the country. Several institutes of such type have already been established for fulfilling the gradual demand of skilled and qualified medical technical professionals under TMSS Health Sector. However, the following institutions are being run and managed at TMSS, Thengamara, Gokul, Bogra. Medical Education is being provided and imparted by running and managing the following institutions:

  • TMSS Medical College (TMC).
  • TMSS Nursing College (TNC)
  • TMSS Medical Assistant Training School (TMATS)
  • TMSS Medical Technology Institute (TMTI)
  • TMSS Medical Institute of Research and Technology (TMIRT)
  • TMSS Community Health Workers Institute (TCHWI)
  • TMSS Community Paramedic Institute (TCPI), Bogra.
  • Rangpur Community Paramedic Institute (RCPI).
  • TMSS 500 Bedded Medical College Hospital

Academic Buildings
There are separate academic buildings and separate academic campus for TMSS medical technological institutions at Thengamara, Gokul, Bogra near TMSS Foundation Office. All these academic buildings are situated at the open airy places so that students can walk, move and play at leasure time.

Hostel/Dormitory for Students
Well furnished students’ dormitories are available for the students of several institutions with canteen. There are also separate dormitory for the teachers at TMSS Foundation Office, Thengamara, Gokul, Bogra. Moreover, hostel accommodation with all well secured facilities for both male and female students are available either near the college building or at the TMSS Foundation Office. There is also stick code of conduct for both teachers and students for the smooth operation of the institutes.

All the institutes have separate libraries so that students can study during their needs. All the libraries are hall well furnished with comfortable seating arrangement and silent atmosphere also. The libraries are fairly enriched with collection of common text books, reference books, important journals in various related subjects and necessary equipments.

Teachers and Instructors
There are qualified and experienced teachers and instructors according to subjects in all the institutions. There are also full time teachers as well as part-time learned teachers for all the institutes. There is also an opportunity of guest teachers from other institutes and TMSS Medical College (TMC) according to demand.

The institutes run under TMSS Health Sector have separate laboratories for conducting practical classes. THS has several well equipped Laboratories with rich museums and well equipped Anatomy dissection Halls for separate institutes. The laboratories are well furnished with necessary facilities for smooth operation of the concerned purposes.

Hospital Facility
TMSS Health Sector has built up 750 beds Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) and a new modern 1000 bedded teaching hospital which is under construction. This hospital is very near to these institutes. There is a legal agreement between Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) and all institutes for its clinical practice.  Therefore, the students of all these institutes are allowed for conducting their clinical practice this hospital.

Practical opportunity at the Sub-clinics
There is also an opportunity to use sub-clinics for their practical purposes operated by TMSS Health Sector (THS) at the field level. This is very important for the students of the institutes for practical learning.

Scholarship facility for good students
There is an opportunity of scholarship for good students studying in the institutes. The students who read at the institutes under THS are always encouraged to be serious for their studies so that they could learn more regarding their field.

Lecture Gallery
There are necessary several Lecture Galleries with well ventilated and with modern facilities for all institutes under TMSS Health Sector (THS). Moreover, all the institutes have several Microphones, Overhead Projectors and Multimedia Projectors for ensuring quality education.

Transport facilities are available for teachers, students and other staffs of several institutes for coming and going. There is a vehicle pool for maintaining all the vehicles. Moreover, ambulance facility is available for round the clock. There are separate buses for carrying of patients from rural remote areas and several sophisticated cars for doctors’ use.

Canteen Facility
There are several good canteens located within the campus of TMSS Foundation Office as well as snack shop is also available in the same area. There are also facilities of several canteens and snakes shop at the institutes’ own campus accordingly.

Office and Staffs
There are separate offices of the Principals of all institutes with concerned experienced staffs and necessary modern facilities for implementing academic programs and to maintain administrative atmosphere of the institutes. All the staffs are skilled and qualified at their respective fields.

Conference Room
There separate conference rooms for the institutes having more than 150 person’s comfortable seating arrangement in the institute campus.

There is a big auditorium outside the institute campus, i.e.; at the TMSS Foundation Office campus under construction named Allahma Iqbal Aditorium which will be 1000 person seating arrangements for different cultural activities. Various types of occasions will be arranged here as and when required.

Employment opportunity in TMSS
TMSS Health Sector has been running various institutes including hospital. So there is a good scope of opportunity of employment here for skilled, experienced and qualified persons. Moreover, TMSS is the third largest NGOs in Bangladesh where there are so many scopes of opportunity for employment who would be able to acquire good result as well as skilled and knowledge in their respective fields.

Extra curricular facilities for the students
All the institutes of THS have the good opportunities regarding extra curriculum activities so that they can maintain good and sound health. Of the various extra curriculum activities followings are mentionable: (i) Different types of indoor games; (ii) National days celebration; (iii) Sports & Games (out door); (iv) Cultural events like song, Dance, Debate, Drama etc.; (v) Students can walk in the area to TMSS natural eco-park besides the Hostel, etc.

Computer Facilities
There are many computers for separate institute and other offices for the respective purposes with backup support of computer system. Moreover, separate institutes have separate computer labs for their academic purposes.

E-mail Facility
TMSS Health Sector has e-mail facilities for electronic facility. All the institutes including RCH have separate e-mail connections for rapid communications.

Modern Equipment Facility
All the institutes ensure modern equipment facilities for ensuring high quality and modern high quality education. THS has also Ultra- sonogram machine (4D, 2D); Color Doppler, VIPP Board Easel Boards for quality services.

Blood Transfusion Center (Blood Bank)
There is a full fledge blood transfusion unit in Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH). Safe blood transfusion facilities are available round the clock for the patients as per requirement. Expert Professor and Medical Technologists (Lab) are performing their duties sincerely round the clock.

Opportunity under Blood Bank
We can provide safe blood to the Patients and also to other community people through Blood Bank.
(ii) People can get Safe Blood in emergency period from the Safe Blood Transfusion Unit to safe the lives of the patients.
(iii) Collection of blood from Voluntary blood Donors;
(iv) Screening of the Blood to prevent transmission of HIV, HBV, HCV, MP and syphilis.
(v) Separation of Blood Component;
(vi) Storage of Blood for emergency Supply.
(vii) Out door campaigning and motivation for voluntary donation.

Activities of Blood Transfusion Center
(i) Collection of blood from Voluntary blood Donors;
(ii) Screening of the Blood to prevent transmission of HIV, HBV, HCV, MP and syphilis;
(iii) Separation of Blood Component;
(iv) Storage of Blood for emergency Supply;
(v) Out door campaigning and motivation for voluntary donation.

TMSS Health Care Centre (THCC)
In the field level, TMSS is implementing various programs through its field level office that is branch office. In branch office, there is a structure for health set up; PHC staff provides health services from this set up. This is known as THCC. The health worker provides Ante natal care, Post natal care, Intra natal care, FP Counseling, EPI, Growth monitoring, De-warming, Blindness prevention, Health education, Sanitation, Treatment of women, Treatment of the children, Treatment of the general patients, Supply quality drugs at low cost, distribution of ORS (Free of cost), Distribution of drugs with free of cost among the ultra poor people, Free Medical Camp, Child health service, Good Referral System. Medical assistant provides minor treatment and supervise the activity of health worker. The PHC staff provides health service to more than 3,000 member families through 20–25 mobile/ satellite clinic.

Hospital Facility
THS provides secondary healthcare services through Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) to the beneficiaries, community poor people, especially to the poor and hardcore women and children and others. RCH ensure male or female surgeon in case of delivery or any operation by the choice of the patient. The admitted Patients can get treatment of specialized doctors of any discipline. However, curative and preventive healthcare facilities are provided through RCH. Other health related programs, projects & activities are based on RCH like, Acid survivors program (ASP), Child Sight Program (CSP) for blindness prevention, Anti-tobacco activities, Health program with Research, Training and Management (RTM) international, TB Control Programme with DGHS, Dhaka, Smile Train RCH Cleft Project with Smile Train Inc.; USA, Campaign for prevention HIV/AIDS, Emergency free health Camp, arranged and implement various types of rally, human chain, cultural activities on health related national day etc.