• Money Receipts
  • Debit Vouchers and
  • Journal Vouchers

The information on the above mentioned documents are recorded on to:
(i) Receipts/Payments Statements,
(ii) Cash/Bank Books by each and every location of TMSS where financial activities take place.

Audit System
Accounting system of Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) of THS, TMSS has a transparent management system. To ensure the proper implementation and management of activities, it should observe the quality and accuracy of accounting activities through a third eye. Auditing procedure of THS works as the third eyeion.

Two types of audits are conducted by the organization. These are as follows:

  • Internal Audit
  • External Audit

Internal Audit:
The internal audit team conducts internal audit independently.

External Audit:
The government recognized audit farm conducts external Audit. The external audit farm audits the accounts of the THS accounts.

Auditing Issues:
The auditing issues are as follows:

  • Office Management;
  • Group Management and
  • Accounts Management

           Frequency of Auditing:

  • Annually both external and internal audit
  • Midterm audit is conducted on specific project
  • Final audit is also conducted in the case of completion of specific project