In the field level, TMSS is implementing various programs through its field level office that is branch office. In branch office, there is a structure for health set up; PHC staff provides health services from this set up. This is known as THCC. TMSS Health Care Center (THCC) is a project of Health Education & Microfinance (HEM) package of TMSS: The project is being operated under the Controlling of the TMSS Health Sector. The health worker provides health education on sanitation, immunization, family planning; communicable, non-communicate diseases, nutrition, hygiene etc. Medical assistant provides minor treatment and supervise the activity of health worker. The PHC staff provides health service to more than 3,000 member families through 20–25 mobile/ satellite clinic.

To provide quality service to the poor people above all neglected people of the rural areas of the locality.


  • To reduce the maternal mortality rate
  • To reduce the child death rate
  • To develop the conciseness about health.

The objective of the project is to provide health Services to poor and ultra poor people specially group members of TMSS in the rural areas at low Cost price.

There are full time staffs in this project. All the staffs are very devoted for ensuring primary health care services among the rural poor targeting to the beneficiaries of TMSS, especially for the women and children.

Category wise Numbers of manpower:

  • MBBS Doctor (MOP)
  • Medical Assistant
  • Health Worker
  • Clinical Assistant
  • General Co-coordinator
  • Co-coordinator
  • Field Co-coordinator
  • Field Supervisor