About us

About Us

TMSS Medical Assistant Training School (TMATS) is in northern part of Bangladesh, about 240 km by road from Dhaka, the capital city. It is located in Thengamara village under Bogra District. The Dhaka-Rangpur Highway Road runs by the side of that college. The school is 6 km away from the main town of Bogra. TMATS is located at the foundation office of TMSS which is a calm and quiet place with 7 storied building. 100 bedded Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) and TMSS Medical College (TMC) are very near to the college. Travel to TMATS from Dhaka is possible by Road directly. By road, the journey takes typically 4-5 hours, mostly on major roads. There are buses from Dhaka to Bogra, either by day or overnight, with AC and Non-AC services.

The climate varies during the year. Much of the year is rather hot and humid. April to September has typical daytime temperatures around 35C with night time just a little cooler. Humidities are high and there is considerable rain. November to February are very nice months, dry, cool, typically sunny in the daytime. Temperatures at night can go as low as about 5C. The region does not tend to be directly affected by earthquakes, flooding, or cyclones.

History of the institution
TMATS has been established at the Foundation Office (FO) of TMSS near RCH in 2008 through the approval of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It is also affiliated by The State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh. There is a seven stored separate building for this institution with modern facilities. 100 students are admitted in every session on the concerned Course as approved by the concerned authorities.

Year of Establishment

Approval Authority
Ministry of Health & Family welfare.

Affiliating Authority
State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh.

Present Students
400 students in First, 2nd Batch, 3rd and 4th Batch.

To make qualified & skill medical assistants to provide themselves for loving care of the patients the country.

Medical Assistant is an important service pool for the deserving patients of the remote areas of the country.


  • To achieve its vision & mission of Medical Assistant Training School. It provides the medical assistants to get them acquainted with proper knowledge & skill to serve the human beings for their illness.
  • To provide themselves to make a bridge for filling up the gaps of care ness and work for the disease people of the various family to achieve the goals of supporting care ness and to provide health services of MATS.
  • To provide responsible & competent medical assistants for their accountability for performing activities to the patients of different cultures.
  • To provide themselves for acquiring knowledge & skill ness, so that Medical Assistants responsibility depend on their knowledge & skill & they can depend themselves for governing decisions & policies.

Approval Authority
Ministry of Health & Family welfare Govt. of Bangladesh.

Affiliating Authority
State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh, 86, Bijoynagar, Dhaka-1000.