TMSS Nursing College (TNC) is in the northern part of Bangladesh, about 240 km by road from Dhaka, the capital city. It is located in Thengamara village under Bogra District. The Dhaka-Rangpur Highway Road runs by the side of that college. The college is 6 km away from the main town of Bogra. TNC is located at the foundation office of TMSS which is a calm and quiet place. 750 beds Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) and TMSS Medical College (TMC) are very near to the college. The college itself is in a rural setting, but the nearest town Bogra lies only 6 km to the south. Bogra, a town of having historical background, is well known in Bangladesh.

Travel to TNC from Dhaka is possible by either road or rail. By road, the journey takes typically 4-5 hours, mostly on major roads. There are trains from Dhaka to Bogra, either by day or overnight, with the journey taking 5-6 hours.

The climate varies during the year. Much of the year is rather hot and humid. April to September has typical daytime temperatures around 35C with night time just a little cooler. Humidities are high and there is considerable rain. November to February are very nice months, dry, cool, typically sunny in the daytime. Temperatures at night can go as low as about 5C. The region does not tend to be directly affected by earthquakes, flooding, or cyclones.

Year of Establishment: 2008

Approval Authority:
Ministry of Health & Family welfare and Bangladesh Nursing Council.

Affiliating Authority:
Rajshahi University

To Produce qualified and skill nurses who will provide `Tender loving care” to their clients.

Nursing is the most important and key service for the deserving clients. Therefore, it is the mission of the institute to manage, to make policy and to meet up the demand of the qualified and skill nurses of our country as well as the foreign countries

To achieve its vision and mission of TNC set the following goals:

  • To provide knowledge and skill with now discoveries and innovation, Balance and relevant education for lifelong learning of the global Bangladeshi.
  • To able to bridge cultural gaps in caring, work, with cultural differences and enable clients and families to achieve meaningful and supportive caring.
  • To provide culturally knowledgeable/ skillful, aware and competent nurses.
  • To provide responsible/accountable nurses for their activity to their clients and peers and Reasonably independent and self governing in decision making and nursing practice.

Specific objectives:

  • To Create Nurses with patient caring attitude.
  • To take participation in the existing health service by producing quality nurses.

Few words for Nursing Profession:
This is the time for young girls to set the target of their lives and to achieve the goal by joining in nursing profession. It could be noted that to day’s nurses are tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, young adults are welcome to TMSS Nursing College:

  • To build up their promising future through higher academic career & developing professional attitude.
  • Give service to humanity and serve God.
  • Live happily, lead glorious life and respectful recognition in nationally & globally.

Legal Status:
The institution has the approval of conducting the course on:

  • Diploma in nursing science & midwifery Annexure No memo no BNC/2009-585 date : 28 January-2009, Issued by MS Shamsur Nahar, Registrar, Bangladesh nursing council.
  • B.Sc in nursing (Post Basic). Annexure No memo no SAPCON/Nurse/B.Sc Course-1/08-645 date : 24 December-2008, Issued by MS Ferdushi Akhter, Assistant  Sectary, Health and Family Welfare Ministry peoples republic of Bangladesh.