Health service is one of the fundamental rights of people. It is also a basic requirement to improve the quality of life. Likewise, national economic and social development depends on the status of a country’s health facilities. A healthcare system reflects the socio-economic and technological development of a country and it is also a measure of the responsibilities of a community or government and assumes for its people’s healthcare. The effectiveness of a healthcare system depends on the availability and accessibility of services in a form which the people are able to understand. But it is important to note that there are various amazing problems in our country existing in the health sector including unequal ratio of doctor-patient, inadequate trained birth attendants, medical technicians as well as shortage of paramedics also. Besides, the situation of rural health services is not remarkable causing unavailable infrastructural facilities including lack of hospitals, pathological set-up, diagnostic centre etc. Additionally, other liable elements are urban-based health policy, money-oriented doctor’s mentality, unwillingness to take posting at rural area etc. When the situation is such, it is badly needed to improve the above-mentioned difficulties including the quality and skills of the paramedics through model institute to ensure door-step medical services for the rural poor people, especially for the women and children.

 About us
TMSS Community Paramedic Institute (TCPI), Bogra has been established under TMSS Health Sector (THS) at Bhagopara, Gokul, Bogra. It has been established as an Institution of Community Paramedic Institute for the well being of the literate & illiterate neglected people of rural remote areas for their medical facilities. There is a separate building and a large playground for this institution with necessary facilities in a good environment. There is also the approval of admittance for 60 students in every session.

 Approval Authority
National Institute for Population Research and Training (NIPORT) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Affiliating Authority
Bangladesh Nursing Council (BNC).

Establishing year

Legal Status
The institute has the approval of conducting the course on ‘Community Paramedic Course’ by National Institute of Population Research and Training (NIPORT).


  • To build up skilled and qualified community paramedics.
  • To develop the health status of remote rural areas.
  • To teach the students about appropriate technique and knowledge.
  • To build up young professionals as medical technical persons.
  • To build up skilled and qualified paramedics so that they could get job opportunities within home and abroad.
  • To contribute at the national economy through eradicating of unemployment.
  • To create employment opportunities.