About us

Rangpur Community Paramedic Institute (RCPI) has been established under TMSS Health Sector (THS) at the Goneshpur, Rangpur. It has been established as an Institution of Community Paramedic Institute for the well being of the literate & illiterate neglected people of rural remote areas for their medical facilities. There is a separate building for this institution with necessary facilities in a good environment. There is also the approval of admittance for 60 students in every session. At present 119 students are reading in this institute.

Approval Authority: National Institute of Population Research and Training (NIPORT) under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Affiliating Authority: State Medical Faculty of Bangladesh

Establishing year: 2010 

Legal Status:

The institute has the approval of conducting the course on ‘Community Paramedic Course’,Memo No:-NIPORT/Cli, Proshi:/2009/2750, Azimpur, Dhaka-1205.


  • To build up skilled and qualified community paramedics.
  • To develop the health status of remote rural areas.
  • To teach the students about appropriate technique and knowledge.
  • To build up young professionals as medical technical persons.
  • To contribute at the national economy through eradicating of unemployment.
  • To create employment opportunities.